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5 reasons to love your garden


Summer is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at a bit of gardening. Here are our top 5 reasons to keep your garden in shape:

? 1) It’s good for the mind – A bit of gardening can be really therapeutic. Not only from spending time in the great outdoors, it’s also incredibly rewarding to feel that sense of achievement when you see the results of your hard work!

? 2) A valuable family activity – Plants, flowers and vegetables don’t grow overnight, so when done as a family, gardening can be a great way for kids to learn the value of hard work, patience, determination and caring for others

? 3) It’s great for your physical health ­– Gardening can be a work out…just think of the calories that’ll be burnt while digging or weeding! Gardening can be an easy way to keep fit and stay active, without even having to leave your home. You’ll also boost your vitamin D levels from spending time outdoors, which benefits your immune system

? 4) Your own space, exactly how you want it – Gardening is a chance to completely design and create your own space with full control. Whether it’s a safe space for your kids to play, somewhere fun to entertain family and friends, nurturing a vegetable patch or creating a sanctuary to relax in, it’s a real part of making your house a home

? 5) Being a good neighbour – You want to look out of your window to a nice view, and so do your neighbours. Taking pride in your garden can make the world of difference to your street and community – plus keeping your garden free of any clutter like rubbish or furniture means you’re far less at risk of arson and pest control issue.

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We’re also currently running a Beyond in Bloom garden photo competition – we want to see your lovely gardens in all their summer glory, and you could win a £50 local garden centre voucher!