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A new way of contacting customers

We know this is a difficult time for many of us and want you to know we’re here to help. From Tuesday 29 September 2020 we will be using new technology to help us contact some of our customers to check whether you need support with your rent at the moment. As well as contacting you to discuss your account we may also use this technology to contact you if there has been a problem with your direct debit or if your housing benefit has stopped.

You may receive a phone call from us which allows you to press a button to be put straight through to a customer income advisor for support. During this call advice and information will be given to you based on your circumstances.

If you are unable to take the call, a voicemail will be left and you can call back on the numbers provided.

To help you verify this call is from Beyond Housing, the numbers these calls come from are 01642 843079/ 01642 843023 for the Redcar area and 01723 628026/ 01723 628003 for the Scarborough and Whitby area.

Your wellbeing is important to us. If you haven’t received this call or your circumstances change, then please contact us on 01642 771326 or through the live chat service on our website.

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