About Us

Beyond Housing was formed in October 2018 following the merger of Coast & Country Housing and Yorkshire Coast Homes. With regional offices in Redcar and Scarborough, we are a registered housing provider responsible for the letting, management and maintenance of over 15,000 homes across the north east and North Yorkshire.

We are committed to going beyond the bricks and mortar to help our communities and region thrive. By providing quality homes people want to live in, alongside valuable additional services delivered by passionate people who want to help, we contribute to the prosperity, wider regeneration and sustainability of our communities, creating neighbourhoods that will flourish well into the future.

Beyond Housing is a Community Benefit Society registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 and regulated by both the Homes and Communities Agency and the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Our Story

For over 15 years Yorkshire Coast Homes and Coast & Country Housing served their communities well, improving the lives of thousands of customers.

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Of course a new name is nothing without substance. Here are our underlying values on which we’re shaping our new organisation.

Our people

Strong leadership is a pre-requisite for any successful company and Beyond Housing is no exception. Meet our leadership team below. We’re also fortunate to have a group of highly skilled people, from a number of diverse backgrounds on our board, who are committed to moving Beyond Housing forward.

Leadership Team

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Du Rose

Chief Executive

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Executive Director, Customers & Communities

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Executive Director, Property & Development

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Marie Roe

Director of Strategy and Change

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Kevin Hanlon

Chief Finance Officer

Customer voice

At Beyond Housing, we want you to help us be all we can be. So please get involved and speak up. Having customers tell us what they think of what we’re doing helps us improve our services and develop new ones.

Whether you can spare a few minutes a month or want to play a more active role, we want to hear from you.

What will you get out of getting involved?

  • Meet new people
  • Monitor and challenge performance
  • Make your area a better place to live
  • Improve your employment chances
  • Give us your views on services you receive
  • Learn new skills

Everyone benefits when you share your opinion. It makes our job easier and ultimately results in a better neighbourhood for you and your family. If you’d like to get involved or want to know more, email enquiries@beyondhousing.co.uk or call us on 0345 065 5656.