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Our Monthly Performance

We’re ambitious about achieving real results for our customers and communities. Take a look at our performance data below to see how we stack up.

Take a look at our 2022/23 Annual Report and Financial Statements?

We’re also delighted to introduce our 2022/23 customer annual report and our value for money 2022/23 self assessment.

Our performance as at March 2024.

The amount of rent collected on a monthly basis.

Satisfaction with our repairs service.

The number of repairs carried out within the target timescale.

The surplus we generate from turnover on our activities.

The amount it costs us each year to provide a social home.

How comfortably we can meet the interest costs on borrowings.

Borrowings relative to our asset base.

Amount spent on developing new homes and improving existing homes.

The amount we invest in our communities and neighbourhood activities.

How efficiently we use our capital to generate a financial return.

The level of overheads incurred in the business.

The income we generate from our activities before making any tax payments.