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Apprentice Electrician – A day in the life of Cameron Benton

Hi, I’m Cameron and I’m working towards my electrotechnical apprenticeship qualification.

My normal day starts at 8am and depending on what we’re doing on that day, depends on the workflow. When we’re due to do a kitchen rewire, we have to start by looking at our kitchen plan on our work phone and map it out into the kitchen. We then decide on where we will run the cables and where we will put the new electrical accessories. We would normally chase out the walls to put our cables in to allow us to mount the new accessories flush to the walls.

We can normally do two kitchens in one day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Sometimes there are hiccups we have to work around but it’s all part of the process of improving someone’s home. We would normally finish these and go home between 4pm – 5pm.

I definitely recommend an apprenticeship – it’s one of the best ways to train to become a tradesperson. You learn to be independent by being taught how to do something and then applying that yourself in the real world.