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As a Beyond Housing customer, we know you are the experts on the services you receive from us. We are continually working to improve services and have a range of opportunities for you to play your part to help shape the services you receive. Come and join us on this journey.

Interested in learning more? We would love you to sign up to Be Involved!

By signing up you will receive invites to participate in various opportunities, ranging from surveys to workshop experiences. Spend as much of your time as you can commit – there are different opportunities for all 

We appreciate and value your time to be involved with us and we will ensure any expenses are reimbursed along with opportunities to access rewards such as gift vouchers as a thank you for your feedback and time.

Recent feedback from customer Samantha from Scarborough regarding her experience of being involved in a digital survey consultation:

“I found it easy to take part, the fact that I could complete it in my own time and anywhere was great for me”. 

Find out more about up-coming opportunities and previous customer engagement below. 

Our customer involvement commitment

We love hearing from our customers! We want to involve you more in what we do and get your input on a number of different topics.

Here are some of the things we will do:

  • Give you plenty of chances to join in on discussions about lots of different things we’re working on
  • Be open, honest and transparent about what we are able to change in our services to you
  • Respect your thoughts and feedback and make sure we really listen to what you have to say 
  • Keep you in the loop by letting you know what came out of the discussions within 30 days
  • Deliver innovative tenant and community engagement while considering best practise through our active membership with Tpas (tenant engagement experts).  

Here are some things we hope you’ll do to help us:

  • Sign up to ‘Be Involved‘, so that we can invite you to participate
  • Give us honest and clear feedback
  • Make sure to complete the discussions within the time frame so that we can count your feedback
  • Keep up with our latest news and let us know about what’s important to your local community
  • Share your real-life experiences with us to help us make the services that matter most to you even better.
Customer Approved Content

Our customer stamp of approval

Wherever you see this stamp, our customers have been involved or consulted on the services they receive. Join a group of customers that gives our content the customer stamp of approval.  

Our involvement with Tpas

Beyond Housing is a member of the independent tenant support organisation Tpas which customers can sign up to receive access to a range of free resources such as webinars and training and latest news. To be added to the Beyond Housing landlord group, fill in your contact details via this website link: Tpas :: Join an existing landlord membership group

Upcoming opportunities to get involved

We are working on more engagement activities.

If you’re interested and would like more information on how to take part, please click the button below to sign up to Be Involved.

What’s happened so far …

Ensuring you have the opportunity to provide the feedback that shapes the service you receive is essential in developing a great customer experience. We have been developing this journey to ensure customer feedback is used to inform policies and procedures, to help with internal service design and to develop external partnerships to provide the services customers want. Take a look below at some of the recent activities. 

Communal cleaning tender exercise

A tender process (bids for contracts) to appoint a new cleaning supplier to carry out communal cleaning services in which 85 customers took part in a consultation to determine satisfaction of the current customer experience, while establishing expectations of a new service. Key customer themes were the importance of a regular and reliable service that does a good job. This information fed directly into the tender pack process to potential suppliers to ensure the customer voice was considered. In addition, a customer advocate formed part of the interview panel to pose questions from a customer perspective.  

Anti-social behavior (ASB) review

200 customers provided feedback on expectations, clarity in responsibilities and what’s most important to them. The feedback from this consultation has fed directly into the creation of a new Anti-Social Behavior Policy and updated procedure, including refreshed content on the ASB web page. Look out for the new customer stamp of approval.

Rent feedback

We gathered feedback from 296 customers on the April 2023 7% rent increase. 83% agreed with the rent increase being capped below inflation at 7%. The feedback was used to inform future rent setting and follow-on actions such as further communication to customers.

Neighbourhood Policy

We consulted with 287 customers to understand what makes a good or successful neighbourhood and what customers expect from Beyond Housing to support our communities to succeed and thrive. 54% said neighbourhood means some form of community spirit, and living near ‘friendly’ neighbours was ranked most important, followed by feeling safe and secure. The feedback will help shape Beyond Housing’s neighbourhood policy for maintaining and improving neighbourhoods. 

Tenancy Management Policy

438 customers were involved in this consultation to establish their wants, needs and expectations of the service and to review the draft policy.

Customer engagement activities

For the financial year 2022/23 we have run a total of 34 customer engagement activities across the business with 4,600 customers who have engaged and provided feedback equating to 31% of our customer baseIf you would like to be involved in future activities, please click the link above and sign up to be involved. 

Adaptations Policy

Our Adaptations Policy review consultation involved over 90 service users focusing on the range of minor adaptations we currently offer and obtaining perspective on whether there is any service provision that could better support customers to remain independent in their home.

Customer Engagement Policy 

As part of the Customer Engagement Policy review process, a customer consultation was launched which incorporated a mix of face to face customer conversations, a digital survey and stakeholder engagement with independent body Tpas, providing a peer review in March 2023.

Church Lane North

As part of the Church Lane North redevelopment, local residents were involved in a community survey about their expectations and opportunities for customers. The feedback from 46 customers influenced partnership initiatives; including an employability campaign, community activities and use of the community hub.

CompAir damp monitor trial

Four customer households took part in a trial in their homes over several months and provided feedback on their experiences of using the damp monitoring equipment.

Here are some more examples of what engagement activity has taken place within the last year: 

Take a look at the activities that took place throughout 2022/23.