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Beyond Housing’s Manifesto for Change presented to prospective MPs


Ahead of the general election, Beyond Housing has launched its local manifesto for housing.

The housing company has given copies of its ‘Manifesto for Change’ to each of the prospective parliamentary candidates across its operational footprint, calling on those elected on 12 December to recognise that housing isn’t an issue which can be tackled with a one-size-fits-all policy from government.

Rosemary Du Rose, Chief Executive of Beyond Housing, said: “We hear a lot about the ‘housing crisis’ from our politicians but often, they approach it with a South-East focus, failing to recognise the nuance of issues affected by the sector across the country.

“Of course, there are common themes, like the need to build more social housing generally but we wanted to make clear our priorities for this area, which is why we have produced our own ‘Manifesto for Change.’

“It’s been a pleasure to meet some our prospective parliamentarians over the past few weeks, and I hope, whoever is elected on 12 December, they will work alongside Beyond Housing to deliver the best possible outcomes for the many thousands of residents who live in our homes across the area.”

In its Manifesto for Change, which has been sent or presented to all PPCs in the past few weeks, Beyond Housing calls on the next government to:

• Invest to build much needed social housing

• Invest in a Building Safety Fund, to ensure all residents, old and new, feel safe in their home

• Invest in regeneration and development of left-behind communities

• Protect and extend the rights of residents

• Develop a fair and effective welfare system.