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Reward and recognition

Our colleagues are amazing and that’s what makes Beyond Housing such a great place to work. Every day our colleagues make a real difference to people’s lives through the great service they provide; we know it’s the people who work here that are the key to our success and we aim to recognise and celebrate that regularly. We share great examples of colleague achievements across the business, and because we also know there are many great things that could go unnoticed we find ways for colleagues to recognise the contribution and impact of their peers.

We love to show our people how much we appreciate their achievements, hard work and dedication.

Here are some of the great reward and recognition initiatives to show our colleagues how much we really do appreciate them:

  • Cheers for Peers – a weekly peer-to-peer shout out on Workplace where colleagues show their appreciation to other colleagues for going the extra mile, helping out, stepping up or simply brightening someone’s day
  • Star of the Quarter – Star of the Quarter is our regular peer-to-peer recognition scheme, giving colleagues the opportunity every three months to shout out a great contribution from another colleague. This might be someone who demonstrates our values in everything they do or has delivered an exceptional customer experience, taken ownership of a situation to deliver a great outcome, being bold with an idea or worked with others to improve a service. We use our engagement survey tool to ask colleagues for their nominations. Every colleague nominated receives recognition delivered to their home address and an entry into a prize draw.

Star Awards

A yearly event to really celebrate our colleagues. Colleagues have the opportunity to make a nomination based on the criteria below.

All nominations are judged by an independent panel and shortlisted. All shortlisted nominees are invited to our Star Awards celebration evening.

So, what awards are up for grabs?

The Best Newcomer Award

This award recognises someone who started in the last 12-15 months who really fits in. They learn quickly and have the right attitude. They bring a fresh perspective to their role or their team and are already making an impact. A real ambassador for the company.

The Inspiring Award

This award is for someone who inspires others to do better. They may do it unintentionally, but they have a really positive attitude, and inspire others to be their best. They’re inspirational, motivating and ambitious. They uplift others.

The Someone to Lean on Award

This award is for a person who is a real listener. They care. They’re approachable and reliable. They are supportive and go the extra mile for colleagues when they need them. They are understanding, non-judgemental and can be trusted not to share with others the information shared with them. They are someone to go to when you need them because they will give freely of their time and they’ll double check you are ok.

The Magnificent Mentor Award

This is someone who is knowledgeable and supports the development of others. They are caring, patient and a great role model. They are not necessarily senior – we recognise that peers can be magnificent mentors and so can more junior members of the team. This is someone who recognises colleagues’ strengths and areas for development and enables or pushes them to be better. They have a long-term relationship with their mentees – they are invested, want them to succeed, and challenge them supportively.

The Sunshine Award

This award celebrates a person who has a positive effect on everyone around them. They brighten the day of others because of their positive mental attitude. They are genuinely happy and want to boost the morale of everyone around them. They stay positive
even when things don’t quite go right – they’re a cup half full person who looks on the bright side. They’re fun to be around and make everyone’s day buzz for all the right reasons.

The Helping Hand Award

This award celebrates someone who is willing do more than just their own job. They help other teams or departments to achieve their goals, proactively offering help and taking action. They are real ‘doers’ – helping other teams by taking action to get stuff done. They are reliable and consistent in being that helping hand and are incredibly patient with others.

The Lightbulb Award

This award aims to recognise a one-off lightbulb solution, or someone who regularly thinks outside the box. They are a creative ideas person. They are really ‘switched on’ all the time. They use their initiative and think on their feet to generate new ideas or solve problems ‘on the go’. They then collaborate with other teams to drive the ideas forward in the right way. They resolve or highlight issues that need addressing, no matter how small, and try to reduce barriers for great customer service.

The Transformer Award

The transformer is someone who has supported or delivered long term change, which could be from regular ‘thinking outside the box’ or ‘lightbulb’ moments, but on a bigger scale or with bigger impact. This is someone who has actively changed something
for the better – that could be a process, a cultural change, or themselves! What’s important here is that they have achieved a positive change.

The Going the Extra Mile Award

This award celebrates someone who makes a real difference. They get involved – in projects and in volunteering for extras. This could be to do formal roles like a mental health first aider, health advocate, digital champion or data champion, but might also be just stepping up in general. They do more than is required of the daily job. They are an all-round great person who is willing to do more.

The Apprentice of the Year Award

This award recognises the apprentice who has travelled the furthest in their apprentice journey with the company this year, a potential rising star for the future because of their willingness to learn, the way they apply their learning to the workplace, and the relationships they build with others.

The Team We’re Inspired By

This is the team that is made up of all-round achievers – the team demonstrate the company values consistently and also demonstrate the attributes of the other awards.

The Colleague Choice Award

The nominations for this award come from cards filled in at our Connecting Colleagues conferences.

The Big Long Service Awards

It is a great honour that so many people choose to spend the majority of their working lives with us at Beyond Housing. We celebrate 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years’ service.