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Colleague of the quarter!

Each day a colleague makes a difference through the service they provide and it’s the people who work here that are the key to our success. There are great examples shared of the work colleagues do, we also know there will be a lot more delivered that goes unseen but not unnoticed and we want to give colleagues a way to recognise the contribution and impact from others.

Colleague of the quarter is our peer-to-peer recognition scheme, giving you the opportunity every three months to shout out a great contribution from another colleague, this might be someone who demonstrates our values in everything they do or has delivered an exceptional customer experience, taken ownership of a situation to deliver a great outcome, being bold with an idea or worked with others to improve a service.

Take a look at this quarter’s stars!

Abigail Pyman

Abbie has an infectious enthusiasm for her role and is both constant and consistent in her unwavering support of her customers. She regularly collaborates with external agencies to ensure additional support is provided and ensures accountability is recognised. On top of this, Abbie is also a massive support to her colleagues being considerate and always checking in to make sure they are okay. Abbie is simply a joy to have on the team. 

Anneka Harvey

Anneka has been here for almost one year and it feels like she has been part of the team forever. Anneka is kind, considerate and always helpful with a smile on her face. We are lucky to have her in our team! 

Carly Macdonald

Carly has worked tirelessly to organise the recruitment of the nine new apprentices Beyond Housing is employing this year. This was a new way of recruiting, moving to assessment days which saw all shortlisted candidates attend a session with a range of different activities. Carly made the process easier for the hiring managers and those involved, providing clear information to support the sessions. Candidates and colleagues alike were engaged in the sessions and this was a great way to show our prospective workforce our company and the values we live by.  

Donna Bill

I want to nominate Donna for her amazing work on the new MyPad project! Building a fresh SharePoint intranet from scratch is no small feat, especially since it’s new to our company. Donna learned the ropes of setting up and managing a SharePoint intranet and then used that knowledge to create the new MyPad. The result? A super user-friendly platform with awesome navigation, cool visuals, and handy new features that make finding info a breeze for all of us. Major kudos to Donna for a job well done!

Emma Grimes

Emma worked collaboratively with other housing providers in the area to successfully submit a joint bid for funding from Tees Valley Combined Authority to deliver employability services in the Redcar area under new funding. It has been intensive and challenging but has set the model for partnership bids across the northeast region. Well done, Emma. 

Emma Lawson

Emma is a great manager; she is caring and considerate. She is always on the ball and really does her best to acknowledge the work that I undertake. She always makes me feel respected and valued.  

Gemma Roberts

Gemma has taken ownership of the implementation and development of the workforce management tool (Verint) for the Service Centre. This is a piece of work that has moved the Service Centre away from spreadsheet rotas, gives a longer term forecast of shift patterns for service centre advisors, providing the opportunity to plan ahead for a better work/life balance. This has not been a simple piece of work, and has required time, dedication and a desire to improve. With limited availability of historic data, Gemma gathered and manually inputted as much as possible, from various sources to launch the system as affectively as possible, and over a short time the system will build sufficient additional data to inform the resource need and improvement opportunities. Gemma’s drive to making this product as efficient as possible, comes from a strong desire to support the Service Centre team in a demanding role while they all continue to adapt to change and embrace new opportunities to build on the excellent customer service that they provide. 

Holly-Jo Gray

She is consistently going above and beyond far beyond what is expected of an apprentice. When you see how comfortable she is in her role, you wouldn’t think she’d only been doing this specific role a few months. I feel that she perfectly embodies our motto every day. 

Joe Kenyon

Joe has improved a lot with his apprenticeship. 

Lyn Hewling

Consistently high performer – despite all the challenges faced over the last 12 months, she always achieves the ambitious targets set. Always the first person to shout up and consider other colleagues if any help is needed. Lyn provides a service to our customers that you would like your grandmother to receive. Friendly, helpful, above and beyond what is required by collaborating with other departments throughout the business. A truly fantastic asset to the company and thoroughly deserving of this award. 

Marty Barker

When we need something doing fast, he always tries his best help us out. 

Matthew Haynes

Matthew is new to the organisation, but he has already made a big difference to the Housing department. He is enthusiastic, considerate and accountable. He takes challenges head on and doesn’t shy aware from difficult issues.  

Neil Richards

Neil is an amazing colleague, he is always smiling and giving off positive and happy vibes!  

Nicky Gladders

Nicky has taken on so many challenges in his new role and has always gone the extra mile for us within the team. 

Samantha Allen

Sam has been without a full department for some time and has taken on loads of other duties and extra staff being transferred over, but she always makes time and has genuine interest in her team and their wellbeing, a great manager. 

Sarah Knight

Sarah’s self-confidence has grown which is really helping her in her role. She’s also mentored a work experience placement and done a great job. 

Shannon Jones

Shannon has hit the ground running within the Service Centre and fits right in. She has had quite a few difficult calls in the short space of time she has been in the team but has handled them superbly, she is a great addition to the team and is keen to learn and get things right. She always has the customer’s best interests in mind and is a valued member of the team already. 

Steven Donnelly

He is a good egg, salt of the earth.

Tom Harris

Tom is such a fantastic asset to the Development team; he is always there for support and willing to help. He lives the values of the company daily and is the oracle of the Development team.