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Connor’s boost in confidence – Volunteering

Why did you choose to volunteer with Beyond Housing at Westfield Farm?

I needed to volunteer and gain experience to complete my internship at Redcar College. My tutor had told me about Westfield Farm so I had a look around and saw all the amazing things they did such as; gardening, woodwork, IT and helping customers.

Westfield Farm Coordinator Barry McBride was really welcoming and funny, which relaxed me and made me feel part of a team.

I started as a Digital Champion volunteer using my IT skills to help those who struggled using tablets. I’ve now been volunteering at the Farm for over a year and have experience in IT Admin as well as garden and woodwork – so I’m gaining lots of confidence and experience.


What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

I like volunteering because it helps me understand the world of work without the stress of a real job before I’m ready.

I can add all the experiences to my CV and this will help me on the path to achieving my next step such as training and looking for employment.

I like meeting people and hearing their stories as it helps me to understand what they have gone through and how I can help them.


How has volunteering helped you?

Ultimately, volunteering has helped me get my foot in the door to gaining employment! I am now receiving fantastic careers support from the New Directions team and gaining the confidence I have needed to achieve my long-term goals!