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Our Service Centre is a little busy on a Monday, so if your enquiry is not urgent or regarding Tees Valley Homefinder or North Yorkshire Home Choice, please call us from Tuesday onward or email us at enquiries@beyondhousing.co.uk.

Or better still, get in touch with us through your Me & My Home account. If you’re new to Me & My Home, please register for an account today.

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Concerns, complaints and compliments

Having a clear way to tell us when things don’t meet your expectations is important to you, along with a timely and fair response.

You may also want to tell us when we’ve got things right. This too helps us improve our service – as we’ll keep doing the things that make you happy.

We’re confident that working together we can resolve your complaint to your satisfaction. If you ever need extra support or advice, the Housing Ombudsman is on hand to support you.