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Danes Dyke Community Consultation

About Beyond Housing

Operating across the Redcar and Cleveland and North Yorkshire areas, Beyond Housing provides affordable housing to over 30,000 customers and also offers support, advice and training to help our customers live more comfortably.

We’re proud of our reputation for providing high quality affordable homes within thriving communities. We’re a housing provider with a difference. We recognise that our role in our communities is one that’s much bigger than bricks and mortar, whether that’s through creating work, training and learning opportunities to help people reach their potential, investing in our communities where they need it most, or providing a vast range of independent and supported living services.

The proposal

We are proposing the development of a Women’s Refuge at Danes Dyke, Newby. The proposed scheme, comprising 10 apartments and communal spaces, contained within a two storey building, will offer support and temporary accommodation for women and children experiencing domestic abuse.

Scarborough Borough Council have acknowledged the need for a safe, secure, modern and fit-for-purpose facility to tackle the issue of domestic abuse that exists within the local community. Beyond Housing will manage the scheme, focusing on good quality design and build, and will work in partnership with the commissioned and experienced care and support provider IDAS to manage the day-to-day running of the service.

In Scarborough, Beyond Housing’s experienced and passionate colleagues are well-represented at local forums, boards and groups around the domestic abuse, safeguarding and community safety agendas.

Beyond Housing is visible and rooted in Scarborough and will bring together this local presence and commitment along with our development and management experience to deliver a brilliant and important resource providing specialist care and support for women and children.

Consultation boards

First floor

Ground floor plan


North east elevation

South west elevation

South eastern facade

What experience do Beyond Housing have of managing women’s refuges?

Beyond Housing has direct experience of developing and managing a purpose-built refuge and a range of supported accommodation with sector-experienced development and support service professionals. Working collaboratively with local authorities, commissioners and local stakeholders, we have existing and well-established links with local domestic abuse support providers as well as with statutory and third sector organisations, maintaining strong operational and strategic partnerships.

Who will the scheme be managed by?

We recognise there has long been the strategic need and demand for a quality, fit for purpose housing support facility for women and children fleeing domestic abuse. Beyond Housing will be the landlords of the facility and will have overall responsibility for the building, as well as recognising our commitments to the local community to ensure the successful management of the scheme.

IDAS is the commissioned care and support provider that will be responsible for the day-to-day safe running of the building, providing specialist professional support and managing policies and procedures that will be in place to ensure it is run safely and compliantly. This will include controls around movement in and out of the building, providing a safe and secure environment for residents, staff and visitors to enable women and children to be supported in an uplifting and functional environment.

How will the scheme be run?

The service will be well-resourced with specialist staff from reputable care and support provider IDAS on site during the working week. There will be emergency contact arrangements for any out-of-hours issues which require managing or escalating.

What will the accommodation provide?

The proposed scheme will comprise 10 apartments and communal spaces. Non-residential areas will provide access to a children’s lounge for one to one and group support sessions. Functional, high quality meeting and office space will provide a confidential work area and meeting space for refuge staff, as well as areas for meetings with other professionals.

Confidential spaces for residents to speak with or complete support sessions with their key worker or other professionals will enable functionality for the support provider to deliver excellent outcome-focused services, in an environment which feels safe, secure and homely for residents and their children.

The service will have strong links with other statutory agencies including police, the local authority, and health and social services and will be designed to allow multi-professional use of the building.

How long will residents stay at the accommodation?

The length of stay can vary from very short stays up to medium-length periods of time depending on individual circumstances.

Why was Danes Dyke chosen for the scheme?

The land at Danes Dyke was chosen as the site for the refuge by Scarborough Borough Council after undertaking a comprehensive review of various sites over a number of years. The site had to meet particular criteria for location of a refuge, which included:

  • The site ideally should not be located on an existing social housing estate or on a prominent location on a main route
  • The site has to be within walking distance of key services such as healthcare facilities, schools and shops, and/or on a bus route within 3-4 miles of Scarborough town centre
  • The site should ideally be no higher than 2 storeys
  • The scheme needs to include 8-10 flats with a range of communal facilities
  • There is a need for outside space.

Danes Dyke was one of a large number of council owned sites considered, along with a wide range of privately owned sites including possible conversion of existing buildings. The land at Danes Dyke was the only site which met the required criteria for a refuge.

The decision was made by the cabinet of Scarborough Borough Council, and any queries should be addressed to the Portfolio Holder, Councillor Carl Maw by emailing

Why is the location of the scheme in the public domain?

Due to the nature of the planning process, it is necessary for the location of the proposed refuge to be shared with the public. We also have a responsibility to make local stakeholders and services aware of its location. The location of the Danes Dyke site for use as a women’s refuge has been in the public domain since Scarborough Borough Council made the decision to sell the land for this purpose. As the building is designed to meet ‘secure by design’ standards, this does not compromise the site or pose any risk to its residents.

Additionally, new legislation introduced in 2020 and 2021 around stalking, harassment and domestic abuse gives the police and courts greater powers to deter perpetrators of domestic violence from being in the vicinity of refuges. In the unlikely event any emergencies do arise, police give priority to refuges and victims of domestic abuse, so response times would be rapid.

Our experience of managing a similar scheme in Redcar over the past 10 years has shown that nuisance and community safety concerns for residents living in close proximity to the scheme are extremely rare, even with the location being in the public domain. The number of reported emergencies at the site have been minimal – equivalent to that of a general domestic dwelling. The community has become very supportive of the scheme, regularly providing donations of clothing, games and toys for the residents.

Access to the development and parking

Access to the scheme will be via Danes Dyke. A new turning head at the site entrance is proposed, which leads to a gated car park for the development. This is located within the site boundary providing ten parking spaces, meaning additional on street parking will not be required.

How will site traffic be managed?

Construction traffic and deliveries will be considered from a health and safety perspective and included within a plan before work commences on site, with the aim of minimising any disruption to local residents.

The existing road of Danes Dyke is five metres wide. This is the standard width for roads to ensure that they are accessible for emergency service vehicles, including fire engines, ambulances and police vans, as well as refuse and delivery vehicles.

The expectation is that the proposed car parking area within the site will be the main location for the positioning of site cabins, plant and construction vehicle parking, as well as a turning area for these vehicles. The chosen contractor will be required to provide a clear plan showing how delivery and construction traffic will be suitably managed to minimise the impact to the local residents. This would include consideration for the timings of deliveries and the storage of materials to utilise the available space onsite in an efficient manner.

Community safety and anti-social behaviour concerns

The scheme will be owned by Beyond Housing and will be managed in partnership with IDAS (Independent Domestic Abuse Services), the specialist support organisation commissioned by the local authorities.

Robust processes and procedures will be in place for the day-to-day running of the scheme. Beyond Housing has specialist, local staff who deal with and manage nuisance behaviour and we will work very closely with other agencies including the police and the council’s community safety team should issues arise.

Our experience of managing a similar scheme in Redcar over the past 10 years has shown that nuisance and community safety concerns for residents living in close proximity to the scheme are extremely rare and has not caused concern for nearby residents. The domestic design of that scheme and its location within an area of residential housing are also an important part of how it is embedded within the community. The community has become very supportive of the scheme, regularly providing donations of clothing, games and toys for the residents.

Is the refuge just for residents of Scarborough?

There is an identified need for a women’s refuge within Scarborough. Like the refuge we manage in Redcar, the scheme will be available for residents from both within and outside of the Borough. At times there will be a need to provide accommodation to women and children who reside outside of the Borough, in the same way that at times women and children who reside within the Borough require refuge accommodation outside of the Scarborough area.

Ecological considerations

Beyond Housing has a landscape architect and an ecologist appointed to our design team. Our ecologist has carried out a preliminary ecology appraisal of the site and an arboricultural constraints survey. Our landscape architect will then use this information to design a landscape plan to mitigate impacts arising from the development to local wildlife, and loss of habitat. The aim is to create a landscape design that provides an overall increase in natural habitat and ecological features, such as integrated bat and bird boxes in the design to create new habitats and encourage wildlife.

Construction and planning conditions

It is anticipated that the build period of the development will take approximately 12 months. The site will be registered with the Considerate Constructors scheme which monitors construction sites around five key areas:

  • Appearance of the construction site
  • Respecting the community
  • Protecting the environment
  • Caring about safety
  • Valuing the site workforce.

All planning conditions will be adhered to, which typically covers issues such as site working hours and managing the construction site traffic. Construction traffic and deliveries will be considered from a health and safety perspective and included within a plan before work commences on site.

Have your say

We welcome you to share your thoughts on our proposals using the form below.

If you would prefer to view our proposals in person and have a face-to-face chat with our team, we are holding an appointment-based session on the afternoon of Tuesday 10 August 2021 at Danes Dyke Community Centre, Newby YO12 6UG. To make an appointment, email or call us on 01642 837267 and leave your name, address and phone number.

Your feedback is valuable to us and we will review comments prior to finalising our plans and submitting a planning application. Please send us your feedback by Tuesday 10 August 2021.