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Viola Homes

Luxury new-build homes are within reach for everyone. A trademark of Beyond Housing, Viola Homes prides itself on providing affordable homeownership options on every development for sale to help first-time buyers and renters get that first step on the ladder.

Whether you’re looking to fly the nest or your housing costs make it difficult to save a deposit, our shared ownership and rent to buy schemes give you the opportunity to move into your dream new-build home for a price you can afford.



Thank you for your interest in our homes, we look forward to continuing on this journey with you as Viola Homes.

Take a look at our different buying options, brought to you by Viola Homes.

Shared ownership

Is the home you want a little bit out of your price range? With shared ownership you can buy the portion you can afford now, and purchase the rest over time when you can afford it.

We have a collection of stunning new homes to help you take your first step on the property ladder.

Rent to buy

Do you dream of owning your home but find it difficult to save a deposit?

Rent to buy gives you the chance to move in now.

You’ll pay 80 percent of the market rent until you’ve saved enough to buy your home.

For sale

Ready to buy a stunning new build home?

If you’re just starting out with your own place, moving up the property ladder or downsizing for retirement, take a look at our properties for sale and take your first steps towards reserving your dream home, ideal for you and your loved ones.