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Garages for rent

Do you need extra space for parking? Have you thought about renting a garage? We have a number of garages available for affordable rent.

Fill in the form below and select the option ‘rent a garage’. We will contact you when a garage becomes available in your area of preference.

Frequently asked questions

When does the tenancy period run?

The weekly tenancy starts at 12pm on the first Monday.

When is rent due?

Rent is due each Monday by 12pm.

Whenever there is an increase or decrease in rent, sewage charge and water supply charge (if applicable), Beyond Housing will adjust your rent accordingly and let you know. If you rent a garage but not a home from Beyond Housing, you must pay the rent in advance by direct debit.

Do I need to tell you if I change my address?

To ensure all important updates reach you, please remember to inform us of any changes to your postal address. This helps us keep your contact information up to date and avoids any potential disruption to your tenancy or possible termination.

What about repairs?

Beyond Housing will repair paving or any other part of the fittings, damage caused by the tenant or through negligence, and you will be recharged. Structural alterations to the premises or alterations to the fixtures or fittings in any way without prior consent from Beyond Housing are not permitted.

Can I sublet?

A garage tenant is not permitted to sublet or part with possession of the premises

Can animals be kept on the premises?

No animal shall be kept on the premises

What can I use the garage for?

The premises shall be used solely as a private garage and for no other purpose whatsoever.

Can Beyond Housing inspect the garage?

The tenant shall keep the interior of the premises in a good state of repair and shall leave it in the same good condition.


Beyond Housing reserves the right to enter and inspect the garage for maintenance purposes and to ensure it remains in good condition.


Advertising, signage, display of goods for sale or hire, and external painting strictly prohibited without prior written consent from Beyond Housing.

Any tenant who, in the opinion of Beyond Housing, shall neglect to observe any of these conditions or misuse, or improperly occupy any part of the premises or cause or create any discomfort or inconvenience to tenants or adjoining premises, will be liable to be served with Notice under Clause 1.

Failure to comply with any of these conditions or any act of misuse, improper occupation, or causing discomfort or inconvenience to other tenants or occupants of adjoining premises may result in Beyond Housing serving a Notice under Clause 1 of the tenancy agreement.

What is the notice period?

Your garage tenancy may be terminated by giving one week’s notice in writing.