Equality, diversity and inclusion

At Beyond Housing we are committed to providing equality of access to services and equality of service delivery, we aim to ensure that everyone receives the same high standard of service.

We also believe it’s important to recognise that in order to achieve this equality of service we need to understand the differences that exist across our communities and people. We always look to recognise how these differences impact on how we interact and deliver services, as well as find ways to meet the wider variety of needs that our customers may have.

Finally, we think it is vital to find ways to make sure everyone feels included at Beyond Housing. We aim to be an open, transparent and inclusive organisation which doesn’t discriminate based on any protected characteristic, cultural (and sub-cultural) identity or any other personal characteristic which may lead to someone feeling isolated in our communities. We ensure our employment and training opportunities are accessible to all, adapting what we do to suit the varying needs of our colleagues.