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Additional equipment

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

The smoke and carbon monoxide detectors work like regular detectors, and will contact our Control Centre if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.

Wrist fall detector

The wrist fall detector will identify if you have a serious fall that leads to a state of unconsciousness or immobility. It must be worn around your wrist and it will automatically put a call through to our Control Centre if it detects a sudden impact.

Environmental sensors

There are numerous types of environmental sensors that can recognise a change in circumstance and automatically notify our Control Centre.

Pictured above is the flood detector which can provide you with an early warning of flood situations, as well as the temperature extremes sensor which monitors for excessively high and low temperatures in your home.

Additional telecare equipment is also available, please contact us on 01723 343075 to find out more.

  • Smoke detector – £4 per month
  • CO2 Detector – £4 per month
  • Fall detector (wrist or IVI) – £6 per month
  • Additional pendant – £3 per month/ £45 replacement cost
  • Flood detector – £6 per month
  • Temperature extremes sensor – £6 per month
  • Heat detector – £6 per month
  • Minuet watch – £6 per month
  • Property exit sensor – £6 per month
  • Care assist pager – £10 per month
  • Enhanced supra keysafe – £65 one time cost.
Additional support services
  • Daily reassurance call – £1.20 per day
  • Weekly visit – £3.50 per visit
  • Monthly visit – £3.50 per visit.
Extra services

Available on request at £18 per hour, for example:

  • Making a meal
  • Companionship
  • Social outings
  • Shopping
  • Appointments
  • Home help.