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Jake’s work and training success story


Jake has little work experience and struggled to create a CV and find suitable job opportunities.


Jake joined our Work and Training programme in the summer of 2023 with a lack of confidence and motivation as he had no prior work experience. To address these issues, we assisted him in creating a professional CV, identified roles that would suit his skills, and helped him with his applications. Additionally, we organised mock interviews to improve his interview skills. To help Jake gain some valuable work experience, we explored work experience and job placements.


Since starting to work with Jake, he has made significant progress in his personal and professional development. His confidence has increased significantly, and he is now highly motivated to find a role that is perfect for him. Jake has already attended his first interview, which went well, however, another candidate was selected for the role. Jake remains enthusiastic about applying for new roles and continuing to improve his skills. He is currently volunteering once a week at the British Heart Foundation and is also considering applying for a volunteering role in our Service Centre at Beyond Housing to further enhance his experience.

We are very proud of Jake and wish him every success in the future!