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Kickstarting 2024 by installing our first heat pump

Wednesday 10 January 2024

We have recently taken on board a new green initiative after completing our first heat pump system conversion to one of our existing homes in Whitby.

With more than 15,000 houses across the North East, we are hoping that the installation will prompt a rise in the uptake of heat pumps and other renewable forms of energy in other households.

Working closely alongside Microgeneration Support Services (MSS), we were able to ensure that all heat loss calculations and design details were completed precisely in order to maximise the benefit of the renewable energy system.

The pre-plumbed 4kw Daikin monoblock heat pump system was designed specifically to suit the Whitby home, which had previously been fitted with a solid fuel back boiler, significantly improving its heating efficiency. Thanks to their ability to capture ambient heat from the air or ground to warm a home, heat pumps can be two to three times more efficient compared to traditional heating methods.

Jamie Whitaker, Compliance Team Leader at Beyond Housing said: “ Whilst renewable energy based systems are now included in many of our new-build schemes, we are very pleased to have successfully completed this retrospective heat pump installation to one of our existing homes in a rural village location near Whitby. This conversion, from a traditional solid fuel heating arrangement, has been carried out by our own in-house team and we are sure that it will pave the way for future installations to benefit more homes in rural locations like this one.”

“Beyond Housing is committed to bringing all our homes up to an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Rating of Band C by 2030, in line with Government targets for reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2050.

“85% of our existing homes are currently at Band C, or above, and we believe that installing new systems or technologies which are designed to deliver high energy efficiency and low energy consumption, like heat pumps, will help us to reach our ambitious targets.”

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