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Jess and Jude’s success story

Jess and Jude needed support and assistance to set up their business. We started working with them in September 2022. After establishing a working relationship and updating and reviewing their CVs, we started looking at the route to self-employment for them.

We spent time looking at the practicalities of what they were hoping to offer, insurance, DBS checks and registration needs, and how they would promote and publicise their service.

Both Jude and Jess were clear that they wanted to work with all dogs irrespective of their needs and so the name they came up with perfectly demonstrates this ‘Every Dog Welcome’. They want to enable all dogs, irrespective of their backgrounds to be socialised and have exercise.

They came up with a fantastic logo that we paid to have applied to hoodies and to produce promotional leaflets. We have also provided funding for appropriate footwear and a dog crate that they will need for transportation.

The business is going very well with 11 regular clients, and they are both really loving their new career. They have received lots of positive feedback from owners and they are enjoying the diversity of working with Dachshunds right through to a Husky!

We wish them every success in the future!