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Buying your home

You may love your Beyond Housing home so much that you’d like to buy it. Well did you know that you might be able to? As a Beyond Housing customer you may have the right to purchase your home under the Preserved Right to Buy (RTB) or the Right to Acquire (RTA) schemes. Both initiatives give customers who qualify the right to purchase their home from us at a discounted price.

It’s a big decision

Buying your home is a big commitment and you should seriously consider all the factors involved before making a decision to apply. As a homeowner you will become responsible for all the repairs and maintenance of your home and it may be repossessed if you do not keep up with mortgage repayments.

There’s more information below but feel free to get in touch with the team if you would like at chat about either scheme.

Need help

If you decide you’d like to go for it, complete the application form using the links above and send it back to us at:

Beyond Housing, 14 Ennis Square, Dormanstown, Redcar TS10 5JR

Or you can email your completed forms to