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Alterations and improvements to my home

There will be occasions when we will carry out major improvements to your home in addition to the normal repairs service. This work may include a new roof, putting in new central heating systems, kitchens and bathrooms, doors and windows. Wherever we can, we will give you a choice on items such as the colour of kitchen units, style and design of doors. We will contact you well in advance of any major works programme and explain exactly what we plan to do and how long the work will take.

Your tenancy agreement includes your right to make improvements to your home with our permission. We have to make sure that any work on our property is done by professionally qualified people and to a good standard. Please tell us what improvements you want to make and get our written permission before the work starts. We will not withhold permission unreasonably and we may wish to inspect the work when it is finished. You are responsible for maintenance (and any repairs required) arising from improvements you make to your property.

Take a look at our guidance notes for making alterations or improvements to your home or garden.

Then please select ‘request an alteration or improvement to my home’ in the options below, fill in your details and a member of the team will be in touch.