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Satellite TVs and Aerials

(Excluding communal properties/blocks)


Please contact alterations@beyondhousing.co.uk if you live in a communal block, as some services disrupt signal in other properties.

Please check if your property is a listed building before making any external alterations.

Please note:

  • One dish is permitted per house
  • When installing a dish or other antenna, you must position it so its effect on the outside appearance of the building is reduced as far as possible.

Important notes:

Before you install an antenna, check whether you need planning permission. You are responsible for placing antennas in an appropriate position.

If you need to check the position, contact the planning department of your local council, or get independent professional advice.

Certain rules apply depending on your house size, type and area. Your local planning authority can give you more advice. For houses and buildings up to 15 metres high, unless your home is in a designated area, you do not need to apply for planning permission to install an antenna on your property, as long as:

  • There will be no more than two antennas on the property overall (these may be on the front or back of the building, on the roof, attached to the chimney or in the garden)
  • A single antenna is no more than 100cm in any linear dimension (not including any projecting feed element, reinforcing rim, mounting and brackets)
  • If you are installing two antennas, one is no more than 100cm in any linear dimension, and the other is no more than 60cm in any linear dimension (not including any projecting feed element, reinforcing rim, mounting and brackets)
  • The cubic capacity of each individual is no more than 35 litres
  • An antenna fitted onto a chimney stack is no more than 60cm and does not stick out above the chimney
  • An antenna mounted on the roof only sticks out above the roof when there is a chimney stack. In this case, the antenna should not stick out more than 60cm above the highest part of the roof or above the highest part of the chimney stack, whichever is lower.

The alteration will be maintained by you for the duration of your tenancy to an adequate standard. We may ask you to remove the alteration and return the area to its original condition if/when you end your tenancy with us.

If we carry out any work in your home, we will not be held responsible for any damage caused to any alterations and it will be your responsibility to restore the alteration to a finished condition, at your own expense.