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  • A maximum of two sheds per garden, to the rear of property only
  • Permission for sheds in communal gardens is not permitted
  • The sheds must not take up more than 50% of the original garden space
  • The sheds must be single storey with a maximum eaves height of 2.5 metres. The overall height of the shed must not exceed 4 metres if it has a dual pitched roof, or 3 metres if it has any other type of roof
  • If the shed is located within 2 metres of the property boundary, the overall height of the shed must not exceed 2.5 metres
  • The floor area of the shed should be a maximum of 15 square metres and not used for sleeping accommodation
  • Structures built of combustible material, i.e. wood, must be at least 2 metres from the main house and 1 metre away from any point of combustible boundary fencing and not attached to the property or any other building.

Considerations before making your alteration

  • You will be responsible for the maintenance of the shed for the duration of your tenancy. This means you will need to keep it in good condition and repair any damage that occurs. We may ask you to remove it and return the area to its original condition if/when you end your tenancy with us
  • Outbuildings are typically considered to be permitted development, (not requiring an application for planning permission) providing all the conditions are met.

Important note: The permitted development allowances described here apply to houses only -flats, maisonettes and other buildings are excluded. Please check with your local planning authority whether permitted development rights apply. Other consent may be required if your house is listed or in a designated area.

If you are adding electrics to your shed/outbuilding, please complete this form below and select the option ‘Request an alteration or improvement to my home (at my own cost)’.

If you will be using your shed to store an electric scooter, please contact email alterations@beyondhousing.co.uk