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Who is a leaseholder and what is a lease?

A leaseholder is someone who has purchased a flat or maisonette, within a building owned by Beyond Housing.

We remain the freeholders of your building, and the estate in which it stands. Under the terms of the lease you can live in your home for between 99 and 125 years from the date the lease was created.

Your lease is an important document detailing the contract between us.

We have produced a leaseholders handbook to that provides detailed information about your rights and responsibilities as a leaseholder. It also contains information about Beyond Housing and the services we provide to leaseholders. Please use the handbook as a handy reference guide.

Need help

If you have a query or any questions

Our Asset Service team look after all our leaseholders, so if you have a query please email asset.management@beyondhousing.co.uk or call us on 0345 065 5656.