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Repair Timeframes

As soon as you report your repair we’ll agree an appointment with you based on the priority of the repair.

Priority may be given to vulnerable customers where we have an understanding of their needs.

Your repair appointment will be confirmed with you via an email, text message or letter. If you need to change the time of your appointment, please call us on 0345 0655656 so we can rearrange it.

Emergency - within four hours

Problems that present immediate risks to your safety, security or health, or could lead to serious damage to the property. These risks could also affect your family, your visitors or anyone else in your building.

Emergency repairs are carried out where:

  • Your health and safety is or is perceived to be severely at risk or you are likely to suffer undue hardship
  • Serious damage to the structure of buildings is likely to take place (such as major water leaks, gas leaks, electrical faults).

Our aim is to complete the repair within 24 hours of being reported, but at the very least, to make the situation safe or to provide a temporary alternative service. For very serious situations and for emergencies that are dealt with outside of normal working hours, an operative will attend within four hours.

Emergency - within 24 hours

Where the problem is a significant inconvenience to you, but does not pose an immediate danger.

Appointed repairs – next available appointment offered

Less serious repairs which do not affect your health, safety or welfare, and will not cause any more problems to the property. For example:

  • It is highly unlikely that significant permanent damage will affect you or your home
  • There is no obvious threat to your health and safety
  • It is reasonable to assume there is only a minor inconvenience to you in the short term, but the work cannot wait for a planned programme of work.

All work will be carried out by a mutually agreed appointment made at your first point of contact with us.

Examples include:

  • Repairs to taps/showers/radiators
  • Repairs to toilets/wash hand basins/sink units
  • Repairs to doors/windows.
Planned - within 180 working days

There is no obvious threat to your health and safety. If you report as a responsive repair, work that would be more cost-effectively carried out as part of a programme of major repairs, preventative maintenance or improvements, we may:

  • Defer carrying out any work until a permanent solution can be provided as part of the planned programme or carry out a temporary repair; delivering the permanent solution as part of the planned programme.

Examples include:

  • Plastering and damp proofing
  • New fencing
  • Concrete paths and pointing.