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Domestic Abuse Support

Domestic abuse is defined as abuse between intimate partners, including ex-partners, and in families. It affects men as well as women and the perpetrator can even be a child within the household.

Anyone can be a victim of domestic abuse regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity and sexuality.

Domestic abuse is not just physical violence, it can appear in many forms such as:

  • Isolation – stopping you from having contact with your family and friends
  • Emotional or psychological abuse – this is commonly known as ‘gas lighting’, where you start doubting your own sanity and judgement
  • Sexual abuse
  • Financial abuse.

You can report domestic abuse to Beyond Housing. We’ll treat your call confidentially and sensitively and offer all the help and support you need.

Call Beyond Housing and ask to speak to our safeguarding co-ordinator who will:

  • Never disclose your personal details
  • Offer support and advice
  • Discuss suitable organisations that provide long-term emotional support
  • Be sensitive and understanding
  • Make sure you are safe
  • Offer you advice and practicable help with your tenancy
  • Arrange additional security measures to your home.

Make a Stand

We’re signed up to the Chartered Institute of Housing’ “Make a Stand” pledge to tackle domestic abuse.

We can help you

You can confidentially report domestic abuse to us and we’ll offer all the help and support you need.

Support services and other useful links

  • If it is an emergency or you are in any immediate danger please call 999 and ask for the police
  • At any other time please call 101 and ask for the crime desk.
Police - Claire's Law

Clare’s Law is there to help you find out if your partner has a history of abuse. If you are concerned that you do not know your partner’s true past, Clare’s Law can provide you with protection. Requesting this information is different for each county, please click on the link based on where you live.

IDAS (Independent Domestic Abuse Service)
National Domestic Violence Helpline

This is run by the Refuge and Womens Aid (24 hours a day, 365 days a year).

Victim Support - North Yorkshire

Harbour offers a range of different services to assist those affected by domestic abuse.

My Sister's Place
Silent Solution System

We know that being isolated at home under stressful circumstances can increase the risk of violence and abuse for victims of domestic abuse.

There are some steps that people at risk can take, so they are prepared for a situation, should it arise at home.

  • If it is an emergency and you are at risk of harm – call the police on 999. If you are unable or too afraid to speak, you can use the Silent Solution system by pressing 55 when prompted by the call handler
  • Think about safe spaces at home where you can take refuge. Try to avoid anywhere such as the kitchen or garage where there may be items which could be used against you. Is there a room where you can quickly and easily exit from, or a garden space you can take refuge in?
  • Keep a mobile phone charged and at hand, so you can summon help quickly
  • Agree a time with a friend or neighbour that you will contact them each day, so you can keep in touch with someone and let them know you are ok
  • Agree a code word that you can text or use in a call with a friend or neighbour to raise an alarm so they can call the police for you.
  • Speak to your children about where they can go to keep safe. Explain that they need to get to safety first and then raise the alarm. Getting involved in the situation may put them at risk of harm
  • Form an escape plan from the house and consider deciding a trigger word with your children that you can use to indicate to them when it’s time to leave the house. If you do need to leave the house and you are approached by the police, explain to them why you had to leave so they can help and safeguard you
  • If you can, keep bank cards or some cash and house or car keys in a safe and accessible place, in case you need to grab them in a rush
  • If you cannot leave – try to get to a room with a lock and call the police immediately.