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Ending Your Tenancy

If you are dealing with a relative or friend’s tenancy because they have passed away, please tell us straight away, we’re here to help. We will be able to end the tenancy before the four weeks’ notice period on the Sunday following the day the keys are returned to us. We understand this is an extremely difficult time, so we will grant one week where we don’t charge any rent to allow time for you to empty the property.

Tenancies can only end on a Sunday. If you hand in the keys before noon on a Monday the tenancy will end on the Sunday. If they are handed in after this, another week’s rent will be charged.

Housing Benefit or Universal Credit cannot be paid after a customer has passed away; benefit is usually cancelled on the Sunday after their death. We can advise you of the rent account balance and if there is any credit or debts outstanding.

We will need a copy of the death certificate to end the tenancy. It helps us to know how long you think you will need the keys. We have to charge rent until the keys are handed in and we will ask you who will be responsible for paying the rent until then, although it may be that this is claimed back from the person’s estate.