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Solid Fuel and Wood Burning Appliance Safety

You are at greater risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from a solid fuel or wood burning appliance, than that of a modern gas heating appliance.

On that basis, we will not install these appliances in our properties, and customers will not be given permission to install a solid fuel or wood burning appliance. Any unauthorised appliances will be counted as a breach of your tenancy. The appliances will be removed at your expense and refusal to do so could result in you losing your home.

Some of our properties may have existing solid fuel or wood burning appliances as the primary heating source. The reason for this is because the property is not able to be connected to the main gas network and the provision of another heating source (such as oil or air source heat pumps) has not been possible. Properties with existing solid fuel or wood burning appliances will be maintained by us.

Before using your solid fuel appliance please ensure:

  • The carbon monoxide alarm is in date and working correctly using the test button
  • The appliance is free of ash from the last time it was used
  • The throat plate or baffle is clean and operates freely – a heavy build up of soot and ash will make your appliance less efficient and potentially very dangerous
  • Any dampers operate freely
  • Any purpose provided ventilation is free from obstruction
  • You are using the correct fuel for the appliance – do not use painted or treated wood, this could produce harmful toxins and increase the likelihood of a chimney fire
  • If your appliance has a rope seal that it is in good condition, this could affect the efficiency of the appliance
  • You only use recognised and approved fire lighters to light the fire. Do not used liquid accelerants.
Our responsibility
  • We will arrange for a solid fuel safety check and the chimney to be swept twice a year
  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm with every solid fuel appliance installed.
Your responsibility
  • Allow our registered engineers into your home to carry out a solid fuel safety check and sweep the chimney. This should take no longer than an hour and a half. Failure to allow us access to your home is a breach of your tenancy and could result in you losing your home
  • Only burn fuel that is approved and suitable for your appliance and ensure it complies with local smoke regulations
  • Notify us if you are having problems or difficulties in operating the appliance
  • Call 999 if you have a chimney fire.