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Neighbourhood Management

We understand the importance of well-maintained, safe, and clean environments for everyone and that the quality of a neighbourhood plays a vital role in the lives of our customers. 

We are committed to delivering high-quality services to ensure that our neighbourhoods are safe, well-maintained, and become great places where our customers can take pride in calling home. 

Recognising the diversity of our neighbourhoods, we tailor our approach to neighbourhood management to address the unique requirements of our homes, communal areas, and the neighbourhoods as a whole.  

We actively encourage customer involvement and consultation, and work in partnership with local agencies and partners. By doing so, we are committed to creating sustainable communities and continually improving the quality of our neighbourhoods. 

Maintaining neighbourhoods

To ensure visibility and high standards the housing management team make regular visits to neighbourhoods to: 
  • Inspect and maintain neighbourhood condition 
  • Monitor estate appearance and address issues promptly 
  • Improve standards and address environmental crime 
  • Engage with customers for feedback.
To ensure well maintained neighbourhoods, the team is responsible for completing work within external common areas and open spaces. This includes: 
  • Regular grass cutting and edging during the growing season 
  • Maintenance of hardstanding areas
  • Maintenance of garage sites, parking areas, trees, and shrubs. 
To support this:
  • Regular checks are made to ensure services are of a high standard 
  • Work with local partners to deliver community clean up days and skip days takes place 
  • Regular cleaning programme are in place in communal blocks.

How you can help

We recognise the positive impact a well-maintained property can have in creating great places where customers are proud to live. To help achieve this customer responsibilities include: 

  • Maintain your garden and driveway to an acceptable standard, free from overgrowth, untidiness, or rubbish 
  • Help us keep communal areas clean, tidy, and obstruction-free for everyone’s safety 
  • Ensure trees on your property don’t interfere with structures, overhead lines, or neighbouring properties’ light 
  • Responsibly dispose of all rubbish and unwanted items, including large items 
  • Report neighbourhood management issues promptly. 

Neighbourhood safety 

 We recognise the impact antisocial behaviour can have in neighbourhoods. That’s why our dedicated housing management team is committed to quickly investigating and work to resolves reported issues in line with our anti-social behaviour policy

We also recognise that noise reports can cause disturbances within neighborhoods, even if they don’t meet the criteria for antisocial behavior. That’s why we go the extra mile by conducting thorough investigations to understand the root causes of noise-related concerns.  

 Our goal is to take a holistic approach in addressing these issues, ensuring that appropriate and proportionate responses are provided. In cases where noise nuisances arise from everyday household activities, we may even offer mediation services to find mutually agreeable solutions. 

When it comes to property and communal area safety and fire safety, we prioritise your well-being by adhering to all regulatory requirements.  

Community partnership and engagement 

We understand that sustainable neighbourhoods can only be achieved if organisations work together and are committed to working with customers, other agencies and partners including the police and the local authority to achieve this. 

To support this Beyond Housing has community partnership and engagement managers who support Beyond Housing’s purpose to help customers and communities to succeed and thrive. As part of their role, they work to: 

  • Form strong and participatory connections with customers, communities, and stakeholders 
  • Research, create and suggest solutions to improve communities and customer sustainment, satisfaction, and performance 
  • Provide strong links and promotion of opportunities that improve social, environmental, and economic wellbeing 
  • Support the delivery of neighbourhood regeneration 
  • Encourage resident involvement and engagement so neighbourhoods become more self-sufficient. 

Improving neighbourhoods (regeneration) 

Where specific issues are identified in an area, in relation to quality of housing stock, housing supply, estate layout, or estate management issues, we will consider the potential for regeneration. Our approach will be data-driven and informed by customer feedback and colleague experience.