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Photography Permission

Please read this in full and indicate below your consent preferences.

Beyond Housing would like to use your images (photographs), video recordings and/or audio for possible internal and/or external promotion of our services.

The photography/video/audio could be used in print and digital media formats, including, but not restricted to, print publications, websites, e-marketing, poster banners, advertising, film, social media and training material, either in an edited or non-edited format. The data will be kept on secure Beyond Housing servers for a minimum of one year and maximum of five years. We will not pass your data on to a third party.

By signing this consent form, you confirm that Beyond Housing owns the copyright of your image(s), and you will not receive any payment for any photographs, video and/or audio (including any edited versions). In addition, you confirm that Beyond Housing (including its agents, officers and colleagues) has no legal responsibility for any liability, claims, demands, damages and expenses arising out of, or in connection with, the images, video recordings and/or audio (including, but not limited to, breaches of data protection, defamation and copyright).