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Other methods of keeping you and your home warm

  • Shut the doors on any unused rooms in your home
  • Keep your bedroom window closed at night and close the curtains at dusk to keep out the draughts
  • Cooking is one of the best ways to warm up your home. The oven radiates heat that can warm your kitchen and other rooms near it too
  • Eating at least one hot meal a day and regular meals throughout the day will help keep your energy levels up
  • Try to keep moving by doing some gentle exercise inside or outside your home which will help with your circulation. Avoid sitting still for long periods of time
  • Simple draught excluders can be made from cutting an old pair of tights or trousers and stuffing them with socks or old clothes
  • Layering clothing will help trap heat between layers
  • Wearing hats and gloves will help retain your body heat when going outside
  • Wear thermal socks or warm slippers in the house
  • Drink plenty of hot drinks throughout the day
  • Use blankets to keep you warm, possibly an electric blanket for bed.

Keep stocked up

  • Stock additional food items in the cupboards and freezer in the event you are unable to go out and there is no one available to go for you
  • Have some salt and sand or rock salt to hand to put on icy paths and driveways
  • Keep some over the counter cold and flu remedies in the house
  • If you require repeat prescriptions, you could enquire if your pharmacy has a delivery service if it is unsafe to leave the house in cold weather. Ensure you order your repeat prescriptions in plenty of time.