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Janice’s Story

Janice first came to us with dwindling confidence, her mental health was at a very low point and she didn’t know how to move forward with her life. Being a vulnerable person and confined to a wheelchair for a large part of her adult life, unfortunately, Janice was beginning to see herself as just her disability and not the great person she truly is.

Janice was living in a property that wasn’t suitable for her needs, and as you can imagine this was a big barrier to overcome when using a wheelchair. We made this a priority and supported Janice with this first so she could begin to think about what was next for her when it came to employment future.

It’s been brilliant to watch Janice come on leaps and bounds since her first meeting with us. She has taken every piece of advice and used it to grow her confidence. She has also taken control of her situation and more importantly, taken control of her own life and future.

Janice’s health has improved physically as well as mentally, finding she has lost weight after setting herself the goal to take more steps without the help of physical aids. She has also recently moved into a new home that is much more suited to her needs – she describes it as her ‘forever home’.

We’re really proud of Janice and we’re looking forward to supporting her with taking her next step, which is to enroll on to a counseling course and start looking forward to a promising future and career path.