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Work and training – Rhys’s story

Thursday 2 December 2021

How it started

Rhys came to us in early March 2020 looking for career advice and guidance. He was one of the initial group of sign-ups for our Talent Tea hospitality and catering programme but was disappointed when the first COVID-19 lockdown meant that our first scheduled training cycle had to be cancelled. With the hospitality sector – and the employment outlook in general – continuing to look uncertain throughout much of 2020, Rhys was unsure of his options and unaware of how to make real progress.

Rhys’s determination

Rhys stayed in regular contact with the Scarborough Employment Support team and worked regularly to improve his prospects – with a very limited amount of previous work history and some long term heath issues, he initially believed there was little he could offer to potential employers and unsure of how to effectively sell himself on an application form or in an interview situation. Over time, Rhys worked hard to turn his own negative perceptions of himself into positive selling points to potential employers and improved his self esteem and social skills. By April 2021, he was actively applying for suitable vacancies and spending less time in his home. He had two goals – to find a job and to move into his own place.


Due to the dedication he had shown over the previous 12 months and his own desire to make changes in his life, things began to fall into place quickly – Rhys was offered a full-time job at the end of May and despite his initial uncertainty, he has adapted to the role well and enjoyed not just the work environment, but the social aspect too. Completing the story, Rhys achieved his other goal at the start of the summer and is now living independently in his own home for the first time.

Everyone in the Scarborough Employment Support team are delighted for Rhys – his own determination and willingness to work with us in a time when we were unable to meet face to face and were restricted to telephone/online support, make this even more impressive. We have continued to offer our support throughout the first few months of his employment and we have no doubt this is just the start of a positive future!