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Thursday 11 February 2021

Between Thursday 11 February and Sunday 25 February 2021, a surveyor from Savills will be carrying out further inspections of several properties on our behalf. The valuations are necessary for our financial approach and do not affect rent or tenancies in any way. The surveyor will not require access to your home or garden, but will be making a very brief external inspection of the property from the estate road and looking at the surrounding area generally.

The surveyor will carry a letter from Beyond Housing and an ID card that they can show to you. They will also be equipped with suitable PPE and adhere to social distancing at all times.

Should you have any concerns please contact us on 0345 065 5656.


Inspections will be taking place in the following areas:

Redcar and Marske

Redcar East
The Ings
The Closes
Bylands/Rushpool Close
Oxgang/Foxrush Close
Greengates/West Dyke Road
The Dales
Dormanstown East
The Courts
Rosedale/Farndale Gardens
Central Marske
Thrushwood/Wheatacre Close

East Cleveland

Whitby Close/Wykeham Court, Skelton
Kilton Lane, Brotton
Loftus street houses
Hummersea Hills, Loftus
Wilton Lane, Guisborough
Stump Cross, Guisborough
Woodhouse Road, Guisborough
Mars Farm/Rosedale Crescent, Loftus
Stokesley Road, Guisborough

Grangetown/South Bank/Eston

Coniston Road, Grangetown
Scholars Rise, Middlesbrough
Old Teesville/Lowfields
Maxton Road/Shinwell Crescent, South Bank
Redcar Road East, South Bank
North and South Grangetown
Coniston Road, Grangetown
Whale Hill, Eston
Teesville East
South Church Lane, Eston
Ormesby and Overfields
Spencerbeck North

Scarborough/Whitby area

Scarborough Town
Whitby South

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