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Investing in our neighbourhoods to create great places for people to live and work

Great neighbourhoods can be the gateway to many opportunities. We understand that in order to create opportunity, it’s important to invest in the physical environment, services and people of the areas we serve. Developing places where people thrive and participate in community life.

We have responded to your feedback to ensure we are playing our part in making neighbourhoods great places to live. We also have a team of Housing Officers who are leading the way with identifying what is important to our neighbourhoods and how we can help to deliver what they need.

The team works with customers, communities and other organisations to build strong connections and identify priorities for our areas. Some of these priorities include neighbourhood regeneration, youth activities, tackling deprivation and environmental initiatives. All with the aim of helping to build resilient, sustainable and integrated communities who want to lead on their success for the future.

Take a look at some of the great work that’s currently underway:

Church Lane North

The regeneration will keep community at its heart, working alongside local residents to build a community people can be proud of.

Community woodland

We teamed up with several local partners to deliver an exciting environmental renewal project in Loftus.