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Church Lane North Regeneration 

Investing £16 million in affordable homes for our flagship regeneration at Church Lane North, Eston.

We’ve begun work on the regeneration of Church Lane North, investing £16 million in improvements to the estate, new home development and community engagement projects. The regeneration will keep community at its heart, working alongside local residents to build a community people can be proud of.

Our story

Church Lane North is an estate of 318 homes in the Grangetown area of Greater Eston, Redcar and Cleveland. It has typically suffered from anti-social behaviour, low satisfaction and a high turnover of tenancies.

Whilst the estate is physically in need of improvement, the local community is strong and resilient. With a history founded in the iron and steel industry, it has felt the effects of industry collapse and retained a great sense of local pride. We knew from the start it was this sense of community we wanted to capture and grow with the regeneration scheme, giving residents an estate and a home they could be proud of and encouraging people to put down roots.

Initial consultation with residents on potential regeneration works highlighted a range of areas for improvement, such as the addition of private gardens, parking spaces, improved privacy and better estate navigation. These ideas formed the design principles for the initial proposals, consulted on in May 2018.

The regeneration will provide an improved home offer for our existing customers living on the estate, with new roofing and external wall insulation applied to increase the energy efficiency of the homes while also improving their visual aesthetic.

Take a look around

Want to know what the completed estate will look like? Take a virtual tour with this clever fly-through video, showing how the future Church Lane North will look after the regeneration.

Making way for improvements 

Aside from improvements to existing homes, a portion of older housing will be demolished to make way for a simplified layout and the development of new build homes for a mixture of tenures. Homes of varying sizes will be available for affordable rent, shared ownership and rent to buy, including bungalows for customers who require accessible homes. By increasing the types of homes available, we will be able to more accurately meet diverse housing needs in the area and provide a more inclusive affordable housing offer for the estate and the wider community of Grangetown.

Through a strong programme of community engagement throughout the duration of the works, the regeneration will also tackle social issues to improve lives of residents such as health and wellbeing, crime, unemployment and education. A dedicated community hub will also be opened on the estate to provide a multi-functional space for both Beyond Housing colleagues and customers to use.

What’s happened so far?

May 2018

Residents were consulted with on initial proposals for a large scale regeneration project at Church Lane North, with an opportunity to feed in ideas and suggestions based on what they value most.

November 2018

The resident working group was set up to gain insight into the opinions of customers throughout the regeneration process. The contractor Engie provided a presentation to the group, which outlined their proposals, experience of similar projects, and explained in detail how the scheme would be phased across the site.

October 2020

Work began to transform an empty property into a community hub for residents and Beyond Housing to use throughout the regeneration process. The intensive works included plastering and redecorating, new flooring, replacement glass in windows and installing a kitchen and bathroom.

November 2020

A new, dedicated caretaker was introduced to the Church Lane North estate, supporting us to increase cleanliness and tackle anti-social behaviour to improve the look of the area and help residents to feel proud of where they live.

February 2021

A customer promise was agreed with residents to outline our commitment to involve, inform, collaborate and respond to them throughout the works. Customers also began to feed into decisions on how the community hub and estate signage would look and feel, choosing the purple colour to tie in with the uniform of their local primary school.

March 2021

The Beyond Housing Board approved the regeneration plans, enabling us to proceed to enter into contract with Engie Regeneration Ltd.

August 2021

On Friday 6 August 2021, we celebrated the opening of the Church Lane North Community Hub with a fun-filled event.

Chair of the Board James Hayward was joined by Cath, Sandra and Gary from the resident working group to officially cut the ribbon and welcome visitors to the hub.

September 2021

In September, contracts were signed with Engie for the completion of the Church Lane North regeneration scheme. This huge milestone secured the £16 million investment being made on the estate. Work to individual properties is due to start in October, and residents can start to see preparations for work taking place on site, including the installation of the site compound.

October 2021

We officially launched the £16m regeneration scheme on Monday 18 October 2021, in partnership with contractor EQUANS. Residents joined in the celebrations with an event at the new community hub on the estate, enjoying food, a magic show, face painting and more.

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February 2022

Demolition work began in February as part of our £16m scheme to regenerate the area.

The project will provide improvements to existing homes. along with new affordable homes for rent, shared ownership and rent to buy.

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Frequently asked questions

Will I be asked to leave my home during the works?

We will be able to carry out all works whilst you continue to live in your home. There will be some minor noise disruption when the works are being carried out, but the contractor will seek to keep any potential disturbance to a minimum.

Will there be any disturbance payments/compensation made?

This is something we are not proposing to offer. Whilst there will be some minor noise disruption whilst the works are being carried out, we will seek to keep any potential disturbance to a minimum. All works will be carried out during the daytime, and we don’t plan to carry out any works at weekends.

Why do you want to make the changes?

We want to complete the regeneration work on the Church Lane North estate to create a safer community, with the additions of private gardens and individual parking, and to improve the desirability of the area as a place to live. The changes will also tackle anti-social behaviour issues associated with the current layout of the estate.

Will my rent change?

No, not as a result of the works we are carrying out. As with all of our tenancies, your home will still be subject to the annual rent review, but the larger garden size won’t be factored into this review.

Will there be any changes to my tenancy agreement?

There will be no changes to your tenancy agreement as a result of the works.

Can I refuse the works?

We want to complete the works we’ve proposed to improve both your home and the estate as a whole. If you’re concerned about the proposed changes to your home, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you in more detail to try to address any worries you might have.

What are the parking proposals?

One of our aims is to provide every home with a parking space. Where possible this will be within the boundary of your home. Where this isn’t viable, for example because installing a driveway would not be possible due to the rules around where they can be placed, it will be an identified space in a parking bay off the main road as close to your home as possible.

What is happening with external wall insulation?

We will be adding a layer of insulated board to the outside of your home and this will then be covered with a render or cladding. It will not reduce the size of your living accommodation and will help to keep your home better insulated. This means it should be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

What will be included in the garden improvements?

We will seed the additional area of garden space and install new fencing. If we are also installing a new gate or shed to your garden, we will provide a footpath so that these can be accessed. We will also provide the railings/fencing to the front of your home, together with the parking spaces as shown on the plans where applicable.

Who is responsible for garden maintenance?

As part of the improvements and addition of private gardens, the increased area will be your responsibility to maintain. If you are part of our garden maintenance scheme, this additional area will be included.

How do I join the CLN Facebook group?

If you would like to join the Church Lane North Facebook group to keep up to date with what’s happening with the regeneration, just search ‘Beyond Housing Church Lane North’ and click join to become a member. You’ll then easily be able to message us directly, share your thoughts, participate in polls and enter prize draws!

What roads will be affected due to the works and is there going to be an alternative route?

There will be some disruption to all roads across the estate throughout the lifetime of the scheme whilst new roads are being constructed. However, access to all properties will be maintained throughout and the contractor will discuss and agree any alternative routes, temporary parking arrangements etc in advance.

Are the already existing properties also going to be improved (internally)?

Not as part of this programme of works. All the major elements of each property (kitchens, bathrooms, doors, windows etc) are on individual replacement programmes based on their expected lifespan, so these elements will be updated when required, but not necessarily all at once.