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Romantic Valentine’s meal on a budget with Amy

Following on from our hugely popular Christmas dinner on a budget films, which showed our customers how to cook a three course festive dinner for a family of five for less than £20, we’ve once again teamed up with Beyond Housing customer and lifestyle blogger Amy Kelly to produce a second series of cost-saving films.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching Amy is demonstrating how to put together a quick and easy, three course, spicy Valentine’s dinner for two at a total cost of just over £11!

So, if the thought of a candle-lit meal floats your Valentine’s boat, but you’re put off by restaurant prices, why not check our short videos to see how you can create your own taste of luxurious indulgence without breaking the shopping budget.

First up is a delicious goat’s cheese and caramelised onion tartlet starter.

Main course is a red hot, spicy chilli dish.

Dessert is a lovely lemon posset – enjoy!