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Rosie’s success story

Rosie Sievers had recently graduated from university, but found it hard to secure a job due to social and confidence barriers as a result of her Asperger’s syndrome. Rosie became involved in Beyond Housing’s Building Better Opportunities programme, which is all about helping people to overcome complex needs to move towards employment as part of the Action Towards Inclusion partnership.

Luke Jarvis, Building Better Opportunities Keyworker at Beyond Housing said: “I first met Rosie when I started working on the programme, she was just finishing up her work experience with ourselves. As I started speaking to Rosie it became apparent there were more problems she could use some help with addressing. In our discussions she told me that she had a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome and was still struggling to get over the passing of her father, which was earlier the previous year.

“Rosie signed up with us on the Action Towards Inclusion programme and worked with us for seven months. In that time the transformation I have seen in her has been unprecedented. She has gone from being someone who would struggle with confidence and wouldn’t be able to speak to people without support, to being someone that is confident enough to stand up for herself in the face of adversity.

“When we first met she wasn’t ready to get back into work, but through working with us to overcome her barriers she has secured a part time customer service position at Mountain Warehouse. I couldn’t be prouder of the work she has put into getting herself into this position, she has transformed herself to become the person she wanted to be.”

From all of us at Beyond Housing, we wish Rosie the best of luck in her new role!

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