Service charges

Service charges cover the costs Beyond Housing incur to provide services to communal areas. If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit, your service charges will be covered in full or part (depending on your claim type) by Housing Benefit. If you are in receipt of Universal Credit, all service charges apart from ground floor window cleaning will be covered.

Please see below for more details about each service charge.


communal cleaning

Communal cleaning – The cost of cleaning of both internal and external communal areas for which we are responsible. This includes stairways, landings and refuse areas and occasional deep cleaning when it is required.


estate maintenance

Estate maintenance – The upkeep of green areas including car parks and service roads. The service provided includes grass cutting, pruning, tree maintenance and control of weeds within communal areas and flower beds. Individual private gardens are not included.


window cleaning

Communal window cleaning – The cost of cleaning windows in the communal areas.


lift service

Lift service and maintenance – The cost of servicing and maintaining any communal lifts.


communal electricity

Communal electricity – Electricity costs for the landlord supply, powering lighting, heating and electrically powered items in the communal areas e.g. lifts, CCTV cameras and door entry systems.



Communal heating (gas) – This charge covers the costs incurred for heating the communal areas, including corridors.


communal water

Communal water – The cost for the water incurred for laundries, communal cleaning and sprinkler systems.


Door entry


Door entry maintenance – The cost of maintaining the door entry system.


Water hygiene tests – The cost of carrying out water risk tests, which includes regular checks for Legionella (the bacteria found in communal water tanks and equipment).


fire safety

Fire safety – The cost for the maintenance, testing and repair of fire alarms and sprinkler system by external contractors.




Caretakers/bin refuse collection – This covers the cost for caretakers to make site visits to ensure the communal areas meet health and safety requirements. For example, test the fire alarm and rotate any communal bins.




CCTV – The cost of renewing and replacing CCTV equipment and associated running costs.



Management fee – A fee to cover the costs Beyond Housing incurs to manage services on your estate or block.



Communal TV aerial – The maintenance and repair costs for any communal TV aerial/system.


service charges

Community centre charges (COMCAR) – The maintenance and running cost of community centres on sheltered sites.