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Spencerbeck House

Background history

Spencerbeck House is Beyond Housing’s only high-rise block, consisting of 72 flats over 10 floors. The block was constructed in 1972 and was reaching the end of its life expectancy.

In April 2023, after a six-week consultation with customers living in Spencerbeck House and local stakeholders, we made the decision to support all current customers to be rehoused and to demolish the block.

We considered two options – keep the building and carry out significant building safety works or rehouse all customers permanently and demolish the building. Letters were sent to all customers in the block, The Regulator of Social Housing, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council and Jacob Young MP in January 2023. The letters set out the current situation, the two options and ways to provide feedback, either online, face to face or by telephone.

Almost 70% of those living in Spencerbeck House responded to the consultation who all expressed a desire to be permanently rehoused as soon as possible and for Spencerbeck House to be demolished. Once the decision was taken, all customers were informed by writing in of the decision and of the next steps, including how to register and bid for a new home using Tees Valley Homes Finder.

Our team worked closely with each customer to find them an alternative home and supported their move and, by the end of September 2023, everyone had moved to a place of their choosing. The building is now empty and secure awaiting demolition. We continue to negotiate with the operator of the telecoms mast at the top of the building to find a permanent or temporary alternative location, however, this will take time to identify.

An update – February 2024

Following a six-week consultation with customers of Spencerbeck House in June, Beyond Housing made the decision to demolish Spencerbeck House and support customers to be rehoused.

We are pleased to share with you that all 52 customers living in Spencerbeck House have now moved to a home of their choosing, of which 50 remain customers of Beyond Housing.

To help with creating a safe community, we have screened the first two floors and are in the process of clearing items for reuse, recycling, or disposal. We will continue to review the safety and security of the building. If, however, you notice any crime-related activities, we urge you to call the police to report them.

To enable us to progress with the demolition, we first require the telecoms mast to be relocated by the mast operator. We are working hard to negotiate with the mast operator to do this, however, indications show this will take time.

Beyond Housing is committed to keeping you updated on the progress of the demolition project and will share a further update when we have made progress with the relocation of the telecoms mast and are in a position to provide you with a timescale for the demolition.