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Terrance’s story – Volunteering

Terence self-referred himself to the More For Eastfield programme via our Facebook page back in April 2022. He was looking for support to uplift his confidence, amend his CV, find suitable employment, and look at signing up to register for local accommodation with Beyond Housing.  

Terence unfortunately ended his last employment due to concerns regarding the pandemic – this situation had also really heightened his anxiety and he found it difficult to engage in employment at this time. As time had passed, Terence found it increasingly difficult to re-enter the labour market due to the current climate and the challenges which this brings.   

As part of the action plan put in place, we have been engaging in some self-confidence building work, which has really helped him over the past few months. We have taken time to edit and amend his CV and have used this to apply for several grounds maintenance jobs. Unfortunately, although Terence was unsuccessful in these roles, we used these opportunities to gain feedback and use this in a positive light to increase his key skills and follow up on any feedback to support him for his next opportunity.  

From this experience, we have also identified some areas of training which would improve Terence’s career capital. This has included gaining up to date health and safety qualifications and a CSCS card qualification to help with future job prospects. We have referred Terence to a local training provider and he is currently engaging in these qualifications.   

As Terence has progressed through the support with More For Eastfield, we have discussed what progression he would now like to make towards his career. We have discussed several options and I suggested looking at apprenticeships, where he can learn practical hands-on skills whilst earning a wage. We visited a local training construction site and found details of how Terence can progress in this area and have the opportunity to complete his level 2 functional skills maths and English. Terence unfortunately has had some changes in his circumstances recently which has meant he has had to put his employment goals on hold in the short-term, however he is interested in pursuing an apprenticeship at the right time.   

Although Terence is facing some of his own personal adversity, he is tackling these problems proactively – and is now actively engaging with an alternative support programme with Beyond Housing who can help support his needs longer term.