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Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they provide you with the legal terms on how you may make use of our websites, whether as a guest or a registered user.

All websites are operated by Beyond Housing, registered office Brook House, 4 Gladstone Road, Scarborough YO12 7BH.

Beyond Housing Limited is registered as a charitable Community Benefit Society with the Financial Conduct Authority under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 (Registration number 7814).

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Registration number 710900).

Use ranges from the browsing of information and accessing our many services, to registering to use our customer portal, Me & My Home. By using these websites you confirm that you accept these terms and conditions and agree to comply with them. If you do not agree, you must not use our websites.

Our privacy notice tells you what to expect when Beyond Housing processes personal information. It applies to information about applicants, customers and other service users. Beyond Housing is the data controller of all personal information you provide.

We may change this privacy notice from time to time, but if we change it in a way which significantly alters the terms upon which you have agreed, we will post notice of the change on our websites and you will be deemed to have accepted such changes.

While we do our best to ensure our websites are available at all times, we will not be liable if they are unavailable or experiencing faults for any period.

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Press releases are available for media use.

You must not use our websites:

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If you contact us through our websites you must always be accurate in the information you have provided.

You must never:

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If a breach of our terms and conditions has occurred we may take any of the following action:

  • Immediate, temporary or permanent withdrawal of your right to use our websites
  • Issue a warning
  • Take further legal action against you and if necessary disclose such information to the relevant authorities

This list is not exhaustive and we may take any other action we deem appropriate

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This information is in addition to, and to supplement, our privacy notice and any other terms and conditions set out above. By using Me & My Home, you confirm that you accept these terms agree to comply with them. If you do not agree, you must not use Me & My Home.

Access to and the use of Me & My Home is restricted to authorised customers only. Unauthorised individuals attempting to gain access may be subject to prosecution. If you receive a unique identification code you must treat this as confidential and never share this information with any third party. If you know or suspect that anyone other than yourself knows your identification code or password, you must notify us immediately at enquiries@beyondhousing.co.uk or call us on 0345 065 5656.

We reserve the right to refuse an application to register for Me & My Home, suspend or terminate an account without providing a reason for our decision, if it appears that any information you may have provided is untrue or misleading. You agree you will be responsible for the safe keeping of any unique information, including passwords, to gain access to your account. Beyond Housing exclude any liability for any loss which is caused by the disclosure of this information to any third party in response to us providing the correct data, unless it can be shown we were negligent in so doing.