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Warning: DWP/HMRC leaflet ⚠️

Monday 20 November 2023


This leaflet is NOT your migration notice

All Tax Credit claimants have been sent this DWP/HMRC leaflet however please know it is not your migration notice and you do not have to claim Universal Credit (UC) yet.Those worse off on UC will not receive the Transitional Protection* they need if they claim UC before receiving their Migration Notice.

*Transitional Protection is an extra ‘transitional’ amount that will top up your UC so that you are not substantially worse off when you move onto UC.


What communication will I receive when it is time to migrate?

  • You will receive a three-page Managed Migration Notice letter
  • It will give you the date that your Tax Credits are due to end (and therefore the date you need to claim UC by) – this is your personal ‘Deadline Day’
  • It will also state at the bottom of the three pages: “This is a migration notice issued under Regulation 44 of the Universal Credit (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2014.”


IMPORTANT: If at any point you are unsure or want to check anything, please call our team on 01642 771424

Click to expand for information about the Managed Migration process
  • If you have received a Migration Notice, your Tax Credits will be coming to an end (whether or not you claim UC)
  • You will have to make a new claim for UC – the move to UC will not happen automatically
  • You’ll have around three months from receiving your Migration Notice to make your claim for UC and the timing of that claim can be important
  • Many Tax Credit-only claimants are better off on UC, but if your UC award is going to be lower than your Tax Credit award, you will normally be entitled to some Transitional Protection. You will only receive this if you claim UC after receiving your Migration Notice
  • Even if you think you’re not entitled to any UC you should still claim – certain protections are in place (including for those with over £16,000 in savings)
  • You should ensure that your first UC claim is successful ie. goes into payment, as this will avoid any gap between your Tax Credits ending and UC starting and secure any Transitional Protection that you’re entitled to
  • You (and your partner) will be required to agree to a Claimant Commitment and this will outline what you need to do in exchange for receiving UC. Many claimants will have little contact with the Job Centre. If you are worried about what you may be asked to do, you should contact a Benefits Adviser before you make your claim for UC
  • As soon as you make your claim for UC, your Tax Credit award will end and the ‘finalisation process’ will start so you may not receive any outstanding Tax Credits for several weeks. Timing of the UC claim will be important
  • You will receive your first UC payment one month and 7 days after submitting your claim. You can request an Advance Payment of your UC but this is a loan that is recovered from your future award
  • Certain deductions can be taken from your UC award – for instance, if you have an outstanding DWP debt.

IMPORTANT: If at any point you are unsure or want to check anything, please call our team on 01642 771424