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Access to your Home

On the day of the appointment, our operative will contact you to confirm they are on their way. We operate a ‘right first time’ system for repairs so where possible, we complete the repair on the first visit. Where this is not possible, we will keep you informed about when you can expect the repair to be completed.

If you are out when our operative visits your home, a card will be left and the job will be cancelled on the system. You should ring our service centre to rearrange the appointment.

There may be health and safety reasons that we need to access your home to inspect or carry out work. We will always give you reasonable notice if we, or our nominated contractors, need to access your home.

Some inspections are compulsory and vitally important for your safety. These include servicing your heating boiler, testing the electrical installation and fire safety checks. You will be given reasonable notice and will need to ensure they can get access to your home to carry out these inspections. If you fail to comply you will ultimately put your tenancy at risk. We will take legal action to gain access and legal costs will be claimed against you. If necessary we will also take out possession proceedings.

Identity cards will be shown by us or anybody working for us. If in doubt, please close the door and call our 24-hour service centre on 0345 065 5656.