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Oil Safety

To ensure your oil boiler is maintained in a safe and efficient condition, we will carry out an annual service and safety check.

Our responsibility

  • Ensure the oil installation is installed correctly
  • Maintain the oil installation annually and make sure appliance(s) are working to the manufactures instructions to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and maximise the efficiency of the appliance(s)
  • Make sure the oil tank and supply pipework meets the standards created by OFTEC.

Your responsibility

  • Allow our registered engineers into your home to carry out the oil safety check. The check should take no longer than an hour and a half. Failure to allow us access to your home is a breach of your tenancy, and could result in you losing your home
  • Ensuring the oil is stored safely
  • Report any known problems with your oil installation or a strong smell of oil
  • Do not allow the oil tank to become completely empty as this could cause problems when restarting the appliance after refilling it
  • Test your carbon monoxide alarm on a regular basis, at least monthly
  • Ensure no naked flames such are BBQ’s or open fires are within close proximity to the oil tank or supply pipework
  • Only refill your oil tank using the correct grade of fuel that is suitable for your boiler ensuring that it is purchased from a recognised and approved supplier
  • Report any oil spills to us immediately by calling 0345 065 5656.