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Residents at Court Green keep spirits high with a social distance balcony coffee break

Beyond Housing Coastcall Responders calling at the Court Green development for elderly and retired people in Cloughton, North Yorkshire got a pleasant surprise as they were greeted by residents enjoying their morning coffee together, while carefully observing the guidelines on social distancing.

Residents of the two storey residential blocks now take an 11am coffee break together by sitting out on their apartment balconies, so they can chat at a safe distance and wave cheerfully to passers-by!

One resident commented, “This has bought us all much closer together. I know more about my neighbours now than I ever did before!”

Margaret Jobling, Coastcall Responder at Beyond Housing said: “At a time when the elderly living alone are at the highest risk of experiencing the negative mental health effects of social isolation, it’s fantastic to see the community spirit shine through, with everyone making the effort to keep in touch and socialise, while of course maintaining a safe distance.

“We need to remember we’re all in the same boat. If you’re feeling lonely – other people are too. I hope these residents inspire others to reach out to their neighbours for a chat and help each other through this difficult period.”

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