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Responsibility for repairs

You want to be proud of your home and for it to stay in a state of good repair. All homes need repairing in some way, shape or form, given that accidents and general wear and tear will occur over a period of time. Some repairs are the responsibility of Beyond Housing as your landlord, whilst others are your responsibility.

The below gives you the information, room by room, as to who is responsible for what.

  • Beyond Housing is responsible for the repair of items that we have provided and are our responsibility to complete within the service offer and you are responsible for the repair and maintenance of any fittings or fixtures that you have installed
  • Beyond Housing will carry out a repair as a result of wear and tear. Where damage has occurred as a result of your actions, we will either require you to repair yourself or may recharge you should we offer to complete the repair
  • Repairs will be completed using the standard materials of Beyond Housing
  • Beyond Housing will always aim to repair rather than replace an item; replacement with new items will only be considered where we consider a repair is insufficient or inappropriate
  • If the repair is your responsibility, where appropriate, you must use suitably qualified tradespeople to complete the repair. You are responsible for any damage caused as a result of work you complete
  • We do allow some alterations to be completed to your home but you must seek advance written agreement from us before you complete them
  • On the day your repair is due to be carried out, please ensure the space and area the operative will need access to is clear of any items. For example: emptying cupboards, removing items from the loft, lifting any laminate flooring. You will receive a text message reminder the day before your repair is due, so please ensure the area is clear before our operative arrives at your home. If the operative is unable to access the area, or flooring is still down, they will be unable to complete your repair. If the repair is to ensure your safety or the integrity of your home and items have not been removed or the flooring hasn’t been lifted, we will not be responsible for any damage that may be caused and are unable to replace or relay any flooring.

Please note – any repairs you already have booked that are now displayed below as your responsibility will be honoured.

Inside your home

Kitchen and bathroom - Beyond Housing
  • Leaks to pipework and fixtures and fittings
  • Sinks, baths, toilets and taps
  • Showers
  • Soil stacks and overflow pipes
  • Worktops and kitchen units
  • Appliances we have installed
  • Extractor fans
  • Drains, septic tanks, and water storage tanks
  • Major blockages to sinks, toilets and drains.
Kitchen and bathroom - Your responsibility
  • Minor blockages to sinks, baths and toilets that can be removed using a plunger or by hand
  • Shower hoses, shower heads and curtains/screens
  • Bath panels
  • Sink and bath plugs and chains
  • Toilet seats and toilet roll holders
  • Fixtures and fittings installed by you
  • White goods and appliances owned by you
  • Washing machine hoses
  • Installation, maintenance and repairs to vinyl flooring.
Living room, bedrooms, and hallways - Beyond Housing
  • Plastering to walls and ceilings (damage as a result of leaks or wear and tear)
  • Floorboards, skirting and internal frames
  • Internal doors (normal wear and tear only)
  • Stairs and railings
  • Cupboards and cupboard doors.
Living room, bedrooms, and hallways - Your responsibility
  • Decorating and wall coverings
  • Minor cracks, defects and repairs to plastering that can be completed whilst decorating
  • Any floor coverings, locks, fixtures and fittings installed by you
  • Curtain battens, coat hangers and hooks.
Electrics and heating – Beyond Housing
  • Boilers, radiators, thermostats and heating controls
  • Heaters, hot water cylinders and piping
  • Hard wired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Wiring, light fittings and sockets (white standard only)
  • Gas and electric periodic testing
  • Distribution boards and main fuses.
Electrics and heating – Your responsibility
  • Light bulbs and plug fuses on your appliances
  • Electrical items owned by you
  • Allowing access to Beyond Housing (or their contractors) for periodic testing.
Pest control – Beyond Housing
  • Dealing with pests and vermin in communal areas
  • Blocking access points for pests and vermin.
Pest control – Your responsibility
  • Dealing with pests and vermin in your home
  • Preventing infestations in your home
  • Avoiding fly tipping and waste storage that could encourage pests.

Outside your home

Walls, windows, doors and roofs - Beyond Housing
  • Roof tiles and structures
  • Chimneys, stacks, and flues
  • Gutters and rainwater goods
  • Brickwork and pointing
  • External doors, windows and locks.
Walls, windows, doors and roofs - Your responsibility
  • Glazing (unless you have a crime reference number)
  • Keys and lock changes (unless the lock is faulty or you have a crime reference number).
Gardens, fencing and outbuildings - Beyond Housing
  • Boundary walls and fences
  • Drives and paths from your boundary to front and rear doors only
  • Retaining walls
  • Garages and outbuildings (not to include damp proofing and electrical works).
Gardens, fencing and outbuildings - Your responsibility
  • Dividing walls and fences (installation, maintenance, and repair)
  • Sheds or structures you have erected
  • Garden maintenance and landscaping
  • Washing lines and washing line posts (unless community lines)
  • Outdoor taps
  • Flooding caused by environmental events.

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