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Feet on the Street – Autumn walkabout

Thursday 13 October 2022

Following some customer engagement sessions, you told us you want to see more colleagues in our communities. We have introduced ‘feet on the street’, where once a quarter, all housing officers will be on their estates doing walkabouts. The aim is to help identify ways to improve the communities where you live and work, connect with customers and build better relationships in the communities. Housing officers will make visual inspections of all Beyond Housing gardens to highlight and promote the hard work residents are making in keeping their gardens in an excellent, tidy and beautiful condition, which helps create a pleasant environment for members of our communities and visiting family and friends.

They will also identify areas subject to fly-tipping and are committed to working with the local authority to put measures in place to help identify who may be spoiling the community for others. If you see us out on the street, please do come and say hello, it is also a great opportunity for you to give feedback that will help improve your neighbourhood.

On Thursday 13 October, ward councillors joined us in taking to the streets to highlight ways they can work with Beyond Housing. Future feet on the street events will see representatives from Beyond Housing’s senior leadership team going out and about to really see and feel the issues for themselves.

You can be part of future feet on the street events by liaising with your housing officers directly to express an interest in attending and we welcome any ideas you may have on how Beyond Housing can improve the area to make everyone feel proud to live within that community. This may be a patch of disused land, a communal area or a request for outdoor seating and flower beds.

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