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I’ve ended my tenancy, what happens next?

We will arrange for your home to be inspected and discuss what you must do before you return your keys. We may ask you to let us carry out small repairs before your tenancy ends.

We will use your notice period to advertise your property and we may need to make arrangements with you for the next customer to view your home. We will always contact you to arrange this and will be present at the viewing.

When you move out you must:

  • Make sure your rent account is clear when your tenancy ends. This means you must pay your rent up to the Sunday your tenancy ends
  • If you claim housing benefit, check the date your benefit will stop
  • Leave your home and garden clean, tidy and in a good condition. You will be charged for the cost of any repairs that are considered to be the result of damage or neglect and for the cleaning and clearance of any items left behind
  • Ensure any recharge repairs identified at the inspection are completed, if not you will be charged for this
  • Leave any alterations you have made to your home, or you must put things back as they were before you made any changes. If you do not then we will charge you for repairing or replacing work you have done
  • Remove all your furniture, belongings and any rubbish. If we have to remove any unwanted belongings or rubbish we will charge you for this
  • If you are unable to remove any items from the property please know you will be recharged for the clearance
  • Tell your utility suppliers (gas, electricity, water) you are moving and read your meters or arrange for them to do this.