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Grounds Maintenance

Introducing Ground Control  

From Wednesday 1 March 2023, our grounds maintenance service will be delivered by an external company called Ground Control. We believe that the benefits of having an external company manage our grounds maintenance will support us in delivering a great customer experience.

Ground Control is known for its high-quality service, and we are confident the company will provide us with the best solutions to maintain our neighbourhoods.

Part of the new contract is to adopt a mulching process when cutting grass across the operating area.


Mulching is when the grass clippings are cut into tiny pieces and blown downwards into the lawn. Mulching is a much faster and far more environmentally beneficial way to manage large open spaces, provides significant cost savings, and leaves the lawn looking the same as a traditional cutter.

Within hours of being cut, these tiny pieces of grass will break down and deposit key nutrients (i.e., nitrogen, potash, and phosphate) back into the lawn allowing micro-organisms and worms to take these nutrients back into the soil, encouraging a healthier lawn.


A traditional grass cutter collects clippings in a box attached to the back. Once the clippings have been collected, they are emptied onto the back of a van and transported to a landfill site at a cost of up to £100 per load totaling approximately £80K+ per season. In addition the fuel used to take the grass clippings to land fill is expensive and increases our carbon footprint.

When we collect and remove these clippings, we are removing a natural fertiliser which will usually encourage a healthy greener looking open space. Collecting grass is time consuming, reduces the number of cuts possible per season.